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CanSkate Parent Information Session

Welcome to the Frankford Skating Club website.  Your family calendar shows your sessions that you have registered for.   If you have any questions throughout the season you can contact the admin team at, or talk to us at the Welcome table on a skating night!

CanSkate Co-ordinators

Aimee Evans
Jodi Brooker

Our Coaching Staff:

Melanie Barker-CanSkate Administrator/Coach
Wanda Coons-CanSkate Coach

Program Assistants:

We have many Program Assistants (PA’s) assisting with the delivery of our program.  PA’s are not coaching the children, simply just there to help with the set up and delivery of the program and to make sure the kids are moving.  PA’s also demonstrate the skills to the skaters.  Sometimes you may see a PA showing the skaters something that is much higher than their level of ability.  This is likely because the kids are interested to see what they can do and often ask to see them do something. 


Program Overview

  • Objective of CanSkate is to teach the basics of skating for all ice sports
  • Emphasis will be on good technique, staying active and having FUN!
  • The program contains six stages. Skaters will progress throughout the stages and receive badges as they complete each stage.  Each stage is further broken down into three fundamental areas.  Skaters will receive ribbons upon completion of each fundamental area.
  • Skaters will be grouped according to their current level, and may move from one group to another over the course of the season. Each skater progresses at their own pace and some may complete a stage or fundamental area faster or slower than others.
  • Each session is broken down into four components. Warm up, lesson time, group activity and cool down.  Each part of the session is done to music and a comment we have had in the past is that we should change the music rather than use the same music for the whole year.  The reason for the music being the same is that skaters learn what time it is by the cues in the music and once we get going they really just begin to learn where they should be or what they should be doing based on the music that is on.
  • Doors to the ice should remain closed during the session for safety and also to help prevent skaters from just getting off the ice without being noticed. Please help us with this by closing the door if you notice that it is open. 
  • We ask that parents sit in the stands or watch from the lobby windows and do not sit in the open players boxes along the side of the rink. This can cause skaters to want to go talk to Mom or Dad during the session and it can be a safety concern since the session is in constant motion.
  • Each skater has a colour coded nametag. Please make sure they are wearing their nametag for the session so we know which group they belong in.  Also please return the nametags at the end of the session.

Overview of how skaters progress and are assessed

  • Skaters will be assessed on a continual basis throughout the season, beginning at approximately week 5. While some skaters may progress a little faster, assessments may begin after 3 or 4 weeks.

Helmet policy, safety and equipment:

Please refer to the SAFTEY AND EQUIPMENT handout for information on proper equipment, skating attire and safety regulations.

Facility Information

  • CanSkate dressing room is straight ahead through the double doors to the ice surface. We ask that all skaters use the dressing rooms to get skates on and prepare for their on ice session.
  • The arena office is located just off the main lobby by the exit doors should you need to find the attendant.
  • Coaches use the ladies dressing room in the corridor between the lobby and main dressing room area/ice entrance doors should you need to speak to a coach before or after the session.
  • We use the corner ice entrance for Pre-CanSkate skaters, and the entrances through penalty boxes for CanSkate skaters.
  • The club has bulletin boards located in the corridor across from the washrooms for display of information and updates.

Club Information

  • Updates will be posted on the club bulletin boards and/or at the CanSkate table during sessions. Our goal is to keep you up to date on events that are happening with the club.  If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Once assessments begin a file will be available on the CanSkate table for you to check your skater’s report card.  Please check it every week since awards such as ribbons and badges will be placed in there for pick up as skaters complete the various levels.
  • We also have a family skate for Christmas on Saturday December 17th & Tuesday December 20th. All skaters and their family members are invited onto the ice to skate.   There are no skating sessions during Christmas break December  24, 27, 29, 31.  Sessions resume Tuesday January 3 and Saturday January 7.
  • Interclub FUN competition in Kingston on Saturday February 25 and Sunday February 26. Skaters working at Stage 3 or higher are able to participate.  There are additional fees for entry to the event and coaching.  One of our canSkate reps will be inquiring shortly with you to see who is interested.