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Using online registration

First you must create a family account.  You will have just one main account and will then add your child or children as participants under the main account.

You can see a detailed description of each of the programs available under the Programs tab.

You will then select the Registrations tab.  From here you will see a list of available programs.  Your program recommendation was indicated in the email and club mailing you received.  Of course it is up to you which day or days you select to sign up for. 

First thing you will probably notice is that the CanSkate sessions are now divided into 2 separate 10 week sessions.  You may register for both sessions now, or just get started with the first 10 weeks and add the second session of 10 weeks at a later time. 

Each program has a listed price that you will see.  We have always had reduced fees for multi program registrations, but this won’t be visible to you until you select the register button beside the appropriate program.  You will then see the discounted rate.  Discounts are applied based on the number of programs you select and also based on each participant.  A further family discount may be available if registering 3 or more skaters.  This discount will be applied to your cart once you complete selections for the appropriate number of participants.  No discounts are applied to CanSkate Plus program rates as these fees are very minimal.  Program fees may be paid for as a lump sum or on our payment schedule with the exception of CanSkate Plus, fees for this program will be payable with your first installment.

If there are any requirements to be met in order to register and your skater does not meet the requirements, the system will not allow you to register.  At this time, the requirements are very minimal, as the profile information will be updated to each skater’s account after you create them, so do please make sure you have selected the correct program.

Each program has a listed capacity and if there is no room on the session, the system will not allow you to register.  In order to avoid disappointment, make sure to register early.

Once all your programs are selected, you should see your total.  It will list your program choices, Skate Canada Fees per participant and Cash raffle tickets per family.

You may add volunteer activities directly on the site as well, a button will be displayed at the bottom of this page.   Any volunteer jobs available are currently posted and more will be added throughout the season as they come up.  You can check back frequently to sign up.

You must read and accept our volunteer policy, club policy and Skate Canada's helmet policy (if applicable) to be able to complete your registration


Your family calendar will always be available on this site and will be up to date with non skating days, cancellations if needed, holidays, and special days both within the club and out of club activities that we have skaters participating in.  Please make sure to bookmark this page to stay up to date with everything happening at the club.

Skater profiles will also be updated on here once we get the season underway, so you and your skater can check out their profile, see what levels they have completed, what they have left to work on, get some motivation and feel connected with their progress both personally and as a member of the Frankford Skating Club.